Data protection is present at almost every step of our life whether we “operate” as private person or company. With the very fast developing of IT and online technologies more and more new data management technologies and methods turn up (Big Data, behavioral marketing, profile building, cookies), and for the legal application of these technologies appropriate data protection preparation and documentation is necessary.

During its activity a company several times runs into processing of personal data, such as data protection regarding to labor activities, applying of employees; administration and contact with customers; marketing activities; CCTV and access control systems; web shops and websites. Many companies regard data protection as an unnecessary obstacle that only obstructs the effective and productive operation. But it is worth to see the tendency – in Hungary and in the states of the EU – that the economic operators think it more and more important to protect the personal data according to the operative provisions of the law. And the citizens are more and more aware of data protection as well, they pay attention to follow up the way of their data. It is also important to take into consideration that in case of unlawful management of data the Hungarian data protection authority can apply the sanctions against the company according to the data protection act and it can be a fine up to 20 million forints. Beyond that the unlawful data management can also have consequences according to civil law and penal law.

Thanks to the upcoming (in 2016) new data protection legislation the legislators, the law practitioners and the companies will meet new and significant challenges. Seeing that the European Union will regulate the data protection on level of regulation it will be compulsory and unique in every member states of EU. The new regulation will bring us several novelties such as extend of the regional effect, the one-stop-shop system, the special protect of children rights and rules of profile building. The obligation of information and documentation will be wider for the data processors. And also the new level of the fine will be a sensitive changing: it can reach the 2 % of the global income or 1 million Euros.

Regarding the above mentioned we would like to outline that none of the companies can ignore the tasks in connection with the data protection, the privacy by design is very important. That’s why we offer our professional knowledge and experience to the companies to help them to realize data protection legal compliance and so they can forward the efficiency of their economic operations.

During the past years, our lawyers have gained vast amount of practical and theoretical experience dealing with a wide variety of data protection problems and cases. Our colleges regularly give presentations and seminars on data protection at various Hungarian universities and are frequent presenters of different professional workshops and conferences. We can provide you a large scope of services on the field, covering every emerging issues and task, such as:

  • drafting privacy policies and guidebooks;
  • comprehensive data protection revision and audit;
  • drafting, reviewing contracts on data protection;
  • ad hoc or regularly data protection counseling;
  • counseling in connection with building, using, purchasing of marketing database;
  • drafting data processing solutions related to direct marketing, promotions, prize competitions;
  • data protection audit of web shops;
  • privacy questions in connection with websites;
  • privacy questions in connection with labor data protection;
  • reviewing of CCTV and access control systems in the view of data protection;
  • privacy questions of banks and insurance companies;
  • contacting with the appropriate authority and logging into its data protection record;
  • organization of comprehensive data protection training.