Property law is one of the main features of our Firm. Nowadays, the property market is constantly changing, this is why it is so important for us to keep our clients up to date, avoiding any surprises in case of property sales contracts for example. In order to do so, our Firm provides overall legal services and representation for companies and individuals as well. In Hungary, real estates represent mainly the property of the individuals, therefore our Firm handles extremely carefully each property transfers.

Our Firm offers legal representation throughout the whole legal procedure, including the drafting and concluding the sales contracts and the representation during the land registry administrative process.

We primarily offer the following services in property law:

  • representation in land registration procedures and other proceedings;
  • drafting property transfer contracts (property sales agreements, gift, exchange contract);
  • drafting land lease and land usage contracts;
  • establishment and termination of usufruct, land usage and easement;
    land use, land lease contracts;
  • plot restructing, reclassification into municipal area, real estate enforcement;
  • termination of joint ownership;
    building cases;
  • complete management of land registry administrative process;
  • legal representation in property and possession litigations, neighboring right cases;
  • establishment of condominium, drafting deeds and appropriate organizational and operational regulations;
  • legal representation of condominium;
  • providing title deeds.