In the competition, it is important for the companies to influence the costumers’ decisions in order that they choose the products of the company over the products of other companies. One of the most effective tools in this is advertising. Advertising is a very important part of the corporate communication, it gives opportunity to introduce the company and its products to the costumers, thereby helping to achieve the company’s objectives and to retain or even increase the market share of the company.

The fair and lawful advertising is the interest of all companies that seek success. It is important to preserve the confidence of the consumers and also to avoid any possible administrative procedure and fine.

Our law office has an extensive legal practice in the field of advertising and media law. We are utilizing this knowledge to provide legal support to our clients, not just concerning general advertising issues, but also in a number of specific product categories. We have outstanding experience in the legal background of the advertisements of vehicles, financial services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dietary supplements, food, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, cosmetics and other consumer goods.

Our services comprise:

  • giving prior legal opinion on advertisements (TV ads, print and digital advertisements);
  • reviewing webpages from advertisement law aspect;
    holding advertisement law trainings;
  • legal counseling and representation concerning unfair trade practices, and in proceedings before the Competition Authority (GVH) or the Consumer Protection Authority;
  • preparing and reviewing contracts concerning media purchasing and other contracts.



Organizing promotions is a significant part of marketing communications today, with its help, the companies may get their names renown and to promote their products towards the consumers.

It may be any type of game, on any surface, it is obligatory to publish the game regulations. In the event the offer or promotion does not contain game elements, then a game regulation is not required. It is important however that the communications and advertisements of the promotion should contain every detail clearly in order to conduct the promotion lawfully.

Our office provides a comprehensive legal assistance concerning promotions, in particular:

  • preparing and reviewing game rules,
  • reviewing advertisements of promotions,
  • giving legal opinion on the mechanism of promotions,
  • legal advising concerning data management related to promotions, and also assistance in the notification procedure before the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) concerning the data management of promotions and direct marketing,
  • legal advising concerning copyright issues, related with promotions (e.g. use of photos and videos).

Our office has extensive experience in the field of promotions held on the Facebook and Instagram, therefore we can give up-to-date and comprehensive legal assistance to our clients in connection with the specific promotional regulations of the social networking sites.


Direct Marketing

Direct marketing (that is the delivery of marketing materials directly to the costumers), is a widely used marketing method because of its efficiency and its other advantages. Direct marketing includes the postal direct marketing mails, the electronic direct marketing messages (eDM) and the telemarketing – that is the promotional inquires by phone.

Our office provides a comprehensive assistance to our clients. Our services are particularly the followings:

  • legal counseling concerning direct marketing campaigns and newsletters;
  • legal counseling concerning making databases and their usage;
  • preparation of related contracts and reviewing of existing contracts;
  • assistance in the notification procedure before the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) concerning data management.