Trademarks are such marks (word, slogan, logo, figure, or even a sound or a three-dimensional shape that can be graphically represented), from which the goods or services of the applicant would be distinct and identifiable.

Naturally not all name, mark are trademark. What makes it more? The trademark can be used exclusively by the applicant concerning the given goods or services and may oppose the unauthorized uses. The trademark ensures a distinctive character, easier identification and protection.

Based on the exclusive use right, the rightholder may prevent all third parties who use a mark that is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark without authorization in the course of its economic activities concerning goods or services that are identical or similar to those in the lists of goods of the trademark. In case of a trademark that has good will, an identical or confusingly similar mark cannot be used concerning any goods or services, if it would take an unfair advantage of the distinctive character of the trademark with good reputation.

If someone uses a trademark without consent, the proprietor may turn to court and request the termination of the further infringement, the recovery of the enrichment obtained, and payment of damages.

Our Office can participate in all stages of the proceedings, from trademark search to the representation in the registration procedure and following the registration, our Office also provides services in infringement procedures and the enforcement of various claims based on trademarks (litigation, cancellation procedures, etc.)