We have many years of experience in the area of corporate law, of M&A, of private equity and of guidance for real estate law. Our Office gives legal advices for local and for international investors of asset and share purchasing, create a joint venture, and legal restructuring of companies.

Our office also performs full legal screening as an almost indispensable part of the transactions mentioned above, and also provides a full legal screening service to those companies who find it time to come their contractual terms and conditions and their operation for legal purposes are provided for legal purposes, thereby helping to ensure the future operation and marketability of the company and to enable the company’s shareholder to assess the risks to which the company is exposed and the risks in time to remedy.

During our legal review, our office carefully examines and explores the risk factors that arise, helping our clients understand how the particular problem or risk factor can affect the value of the proposed transaction and the company’s marketability, and offer a strategic and legal solution to remedy the identified risk factors.