Labor law covers each stages of employment, the beginning the employment relationship, the employment period and the termination thereof. Our Firm provides a full range of services, including labor law to the employers and the employees – with legal consultancy and the preparation of the respective documents.

In course of the employment disputes, our Firm offers legal advice and representation in court and out of court, for both employees and employers. Our Firm receives assignments on a daily basis for drafting different labor regulations and policies, so our team has acquired considerable experience in this territory as well.

Our scope of services in labor law cover the below services in particular:

  • drafting employment contracts, job descriptions and other informative documents;
  • drafting study contracts, non-compete agreements;
  • preparation of documents regarding the termination of the employment relationship;
  • revision of employment contracts;
  • providing legal advice regarding labor law;
  • settlement of employment disputes out of court or by legal proceedings;
  • preparation and revision of collective agreements and labor standards, regulations;
  • preparation and revision of temporary employment contracts.